Understanding America First

The America First movement is not new; it dates back to isolationist policy from before WWII. The America First Committee (AFC) had almost a million members at its peak. Most Americans didn’t want to get dragged into European wars, much as many Americans today don’t want to get dragged into foreign wars. It had a … Continue reading Understanding America First

Polling is not Leadership

On January 14 I attended an Indivisible event in Durham NC, where several speakers representing the FlipNC coalition presented strategies for breaking the supermajority in North Carolina. Their primary goal is to reduce the number of Republican seats below 60%, which would enable the Governor’s veto power and restore checks and balances. (My experience at … Continue reading Polling is not Leadership

Beware the Ides of March

March 15 seems like an auspicious day for a Julius to launch a civics-focused blog. (I don’t want to call this a political blog, because I like the civility in civics.) I confess I’ve wanted to do this for a while now. But when I began the vetting process in 2014 as a Presidential nominee … Continue reading Beware the Ides of March